New OnLocation Hire Website Goes Live

When we rebuilt local company Whisper Generators new website a couple of months ago they were so happy with it, they asked us to rebuild their main company website! So here is the new 2017 On Location Hire website! Take a look at:

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    New Principality Nannies Website Goes Live

    We were lucky enough to help Principality Nannies a number of years ago when they needed some extra functionality their old web designers couldn’t quite manage. But now they have a shiny new site build completely from scratch by us.

    View it at:


    • New responsive design
    • Job listing system
    • Complex registration system
    • Backend CRM system for applications

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      Final YourEventUK Logo Gets Finalised

      Congratulations to YourEventUK on finalising their new company logo and branding today!

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        10 Simple SEO Tips for 2017

        So you’re back from the Christmas break  and we know you probably have a pile of emails and enquiries you need to go through but don’t forget to think about your site! New year new you or should it be new year new site?

        If you don’t have the budget or you recently rebuilt your site check these 10 simple SEO tips to make sure your site is at its best for the start of 2017.

        1. Make sure your contact details are up to date on your own site but also consistent across all your social network pages.

        2. Do you have enough text content? Remember Google likes a minimum of 300 words per page for the best chance of ranking well, most sites don’t meet this criteria. If your content pages meet this then blog more! You can never have enough fresh content.

        3. Make sure your site loads as fast as possible this is also now a ranking criteria from Google.

        4. If you have enough content on your own site do you have enough external content on social media sites and platforms? Google likes to see both.

        5. Is your site mobile friendly, in 2o17 just like 2016 search engines will reward you in results if you are.

        6. View and use your Google analytics without it you can’t tell what pages are converting and know which need to be improved.

        7.  Make sure your business is registered on Google Business listings this will have you show on Google maps and in search results. This can easily get you a page 1 result straight away for free.

        8. Create and embed video, remember Google own Youtube and its the second biggest search engine so adding video can only help you in search.

        9. Check your competitors links, if they are ranking higher than you were are they gaining links from back to their site? Can you get links on the same sites to boost your ranking?

        10. Be patient, natural SEO has and always will be slow to see results. Keep ticking the boxes that Google wants to see and you will be rewarded in results but it won’t be instant.

        If you would like to discuss your search engine results and improve them in 2017 we are always happy to help simply drop us a line or email.

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          First site of 2017 goes live!

          Congratulations to one of our oldest clients Your Events Uk on their new website going live! The first site of 2017 to go live with lots going live next week so stay tuned to see more 2017 projects…

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            4 Reasons to use WDHW (Client Testimonials November)

            Ok so not 4 reasons but we think nothing speaks louder than our happy clients feedback, so here are just some from projects completed in November….

            “Thanks to all at Web Design High Wycombe for our fantastic new website. Your patience and expertise were much appreciated, and we would highly recommend your services to anyone. Fantastic value for money too.”
            Rachel – Bruce Lance solicitors
            (view website)

            “Web Design High Wycombe have created the most gorgeous website for our new bridal boutique and have been brilliant to work with. Simon has been incredibly patient and willing with our never ending requests and has worked with us every step of the way to create not only an amazing desktop site but an amazing mobile one too, as well as creating the perfect logo. We are so happy with the finished product and can’t recommend Web Design High Wycombe enough.”
            Amy – White Lace & Butterflies (view website)

            “My friend Justine recommended Simon at WDHW when I needed a fresh and new look for my website, he did better than that, I got a new website at a competitive price,  Simon is professional, helpful, courteous and always gets back to you. I’m very happy with my website and will be using Web Desigh High Wycombe for my future projects, five star service highly recommend!”
            Michael Ireland Ltd (view website)

            Web Design High Wycombe helped me start my business. They designed and built a website, set up email accounts, designed business cards and a logo. They also set me up a facebook and google page. I can truly say that they was a pleasure to work with. The website is perfect and can be easily updated by me. Both the logo and business cards look great.  I would definitely recommend any start up businesses to contact Simon at Web Design High Wycombe.
            Joe Lomas – Insight Build Ltd (view website)


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              WDHW Brand New Great Missenden Business

              We love working with new local businesses so it was a pleasure to design  the new company identity for White Lace & Butterflies bridal shop soon to be opening in Great Missenden.  Now onto the website build…

              Click image to view their new logo in all its glory!

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                This app lets you text without Wi-Fi or a data plan anywhere even on a plane!

                Forget expensive roaming charges, dodgy wifi at coffee shops to message your friends for free.

                FireChat is the perfect travel app, allowing users to send and receive text messages entirely without data or internet thanks to something called mesh networking.

                Basically, mesh networking allows you to communicate wirelessly by bouncing your message from one phone equipped with FireChat (within 210 feet of you) to another via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth antennas.

                If there aren’t any connections nearby, messages are stored until they can be sent. And don’t worry: Messages will be encrypted, so only the intended recipient will be able to read them. The message then keeps bouncing from phone to phone until it reaches said recipient — and to cross oceans, for example, it’ll hop from phone to phone until it reaches one with internet, then making its way to its final destination like any other message.

                How cool is that?! Is this the future of free messaging?

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                  Whisper Generators New Website Goes Live

                  Congratulations to local High Wycombe business Whisper Generators their new website went live today! With fresh new design, initial SEO setup and being mobile friendly its already getting some great page 1 Google results! Check it out at:

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                    A Guide to Writing your Web Content – Part Three: Sub-Headings

                    So far in our ‘Guide to Writing your Web Content’ series we’ve explored writing headlines and introductions. In this article we will focus on sub-headings. Sub-headings have many benefits including enhancing the appeal of your copy to improving your rankings in search engines, however their importance is often overlooked. We will explain more about the importance of sub-headings below.

                    What is a Sub-Heading?

                    A sub-heading is a secondary title given to a sub-section of a piece of writing, such as a web page or article. Sub-headings give your audience an easy way to scan your copy to determine its relevance to them.

                    Sub-headings should be used to highlight the benefits of your article to the reader, getting across the purpose of each section of your copy or promoting what you are trying to sell.

                    Sub-headings are an excellent way to enhance your rankings in search engines. Include sub-headings as H tags using keywords and phrases relevant to the article and your business.

                    Considerations when Writing Sub-Headings

                    • Sub-headings should be used to keep content well organised.
                    • Keep sub-headings approximately the same length.
                    • Sub-headings give your readers the opportunity to scan your copy quickly to establish whether your content is relevant to their needs.
                    • Adding sub-headings ensures an article is easy to navigate.
                    • Include keywords in your sub-headings for search engine optimisation purposes.
                    • Make sub-headings, that include keywords or phrases, H2 tags.
                    • Spacing sub-headings evenly throughout your copy ensures readers can identify the message you are trying to deliver.
                    • Inclusion of sub-headings breaks up the copy to enhance its visual appearance.
                    • Adding a sub-heading every 3 to 6 paragraphs ensures you don’t kill an article with too many sub-headings.
                    • Ensure you use the same font, size, style to write your sub-headings.
                    • Write sub-headings after you have completed your copy.

                    Sub-headings need to be used efficiently to ensure readers are informed. Using clear concise wording is vital to ensure readers aren’t misled and will continue to read on.

                    Ensuring sub-headings fit the tone of your content is important to ensure you attract the relevant audience. Keeping sub-headings unique and targeted to the audience you want to reach will ensure that when readers scan your content vertically, as online audiences tend to, that they will in fact return to the top to read the article in its entirety.

                    Writing Sub-Headings for SEO

                    Using keywords in your sub-headings and making these heading tags will help you achieve better SEO results. Heading tags (H1 to H6) are part of the HTML coding for web pages. An H1 tag is usually the most important, most prominent heading on the page and an H6 tag is the heading with the least importance.

                    Headings are vital to search engines such as Google as they help provide understanding of the subject of your content. There is usually only one H1 tag – this is often the title containing the most important keywords regarding your copy. You can have multiple subsequent H tags, which are used for sub- and sub-sub-headings.

                    Search Engine Optimisation Princes Risborough

                    The next part of our series will discuss the use of Call to Actions, which intend to convince readers to carry out an action upon reading your article. At Web Design High Wycombe, we offer content marketing and search engine optimisation services in Princes Risborough and surrounding areas. To get in touch with us call us on 01494 356 778.

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