WDHW Brand New Great Missenden Business

We love working with new local businesses so it was a pleasure to design  the new company identity for White Lace & Butterflies bridal shop soon to be opening in Great Missenden.  Now onto the website build…

Click image to view their new logo in all its glory!

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    This app lets you text without Wi-Fi or a data plan anywhere even on a plane!

    Forget expensive roaming charges, dodgy wifi at coffee shops to message your friends for free.

    FireChat is the perfect travel app, allowing users to send and receive text messages entirely without data or internet thanks to something called mesh networking.

    Basically, mesh networking allows you to communicate wirelessly by bouncing your message from one phone equipped with FireChat (within 210 feet of you) to another via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth antennas.

    If there aren’t any connections nearby, messages are stored until they can be sent. And don’t worry: Messages will be encrypted, so only the intended recipient will be able to read them. The message then keeps bouncing from phone to phone until it reaches said recipient — and to cross oceans, for example, it’ll hop from phone to phone until it reaches one with internet, then making its way to its final destination like any other message.

    How cool is that?! Is this the future of free messaging?

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      Whisper Generators New Website Goes Live

      Congratulations to local High Wycombe business Whisper Generators their new website went live today! With fresh new design, initial SEO setup and being mobile friendly its already getting some great page 1 Google results! Check it out at: www.whispergenerators.com

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        A Guide to Writing your Web Content – Part Three: Sub-Headings

        So far in our ‘Guide to Writing your Web Content’ series we’ve explored writing headlines and introductions. In this article we will focus on sub-headings. Sub-headings have many benefits including enhancing the appeal of your copy to improving your rankings in search engines, however their importance is often overlooked. We will explain more about the importance of sub-headings below.

        What is a Sub-Heading?

        A sub-heading is a secondary title given to a sub-section of a piece of writing, such as a web page or article. Sub-headings give your audience an easy way to scan your copy to determine its relevance to them.

        Sub-headings should be used to highlight the benefits of your article to the reader, getting across the purpose of each section of your copy or promoting what you are trying to sell.

        Sub-headings are an excellent way to enhance your rankings in search engines. Include sub-headings as H tags using keywords and phrases relevant to the article and your business.

        Considerations when Writing Sub-Headings

        • Sub-headings should be used to keep content well organised.
        • Keep sub-headings approximately the same length.
        • Sub-headings give your readers the opportunity to scan your copy quickly to establish whether your content is relevant to their needs.
        • Adding sub-headings ensures an article is easy to navigate.
        • Include keywords in your sub-headings for search engine optimisation purposes.
        • Make sub-headings, that include keywords or phrases, H2 tags.
        • Spacing sub-headings evenly throughout your copy ensures readers can identify the message you are trying to deliver.
        • Inclusion of sub-headings breaks up the copy to enhance its visual appearance.
        • Adding a sub-heading every 3 to 6 paragraphs ensures you don’t kill an article with too many sub-headings.
        • Ensure you use the same font, size, style to write your sub-headings.
        • Write sub-headings after you have completed your copy.

        Sub-headings need to be used efficiently to ensure readers are informed. Using clear concise wording is vital to ensure readers aren’t misled and will continue to read on.

        Ensuring sub-headings fit the tone of your content is important to ensure you attract the relevant audience. Keeping sub-headings unique and targeted to the audience you want to reach will ensure that when readers scan your content vertically, as online audiences tend to, that they will in fact return to the top to read the article in its entirety.

        Writing Sub-Headings for SEO

        Using keywords in your sub-headings and making these heading tags will help you achieve better SEO results. Heading tags (H1 to H6) are part of the HTML coding for web pages. An H1 tag is usually the most important, most prominent heading on the page and an H6 tag is the heading with the least importance.

        Headings are vital to search engines such as Google as they help provide understanding of the subject of your content. There is usually only one H1 tag – this is often the title containing the most important keywords regarding your copy. You can have multiple subsequent H tags, which are used for sub- and sub-sub-headings.

        Search Engine Optimisation Princes Risborough

        The next part of our series will discuss the use of Call to Actions, which intend to convince readers to carry out an action upon reading your article. At Web Design High Wycombe, we offer content marketing and search engine optimisation services in Princes Risborough and surrounding areas. To get in touch with us call us on 01494 356 778.

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          WDHW Rebrand High Wycombe Solicitor Firm Bruce Lance

          Web Design High Wycombe were recently asked to pitch for a new website project by Bruce Lance Solicitors. We must say we were delighted when, not only did we win the website pitch, but after seeing our impressive logo designs, they also asked us to rebrand their company that has been established since 1963.

          The pressure was certainly on when it came to rebranding this successful 53 year-old business, and in the end, less was more, with a clean minimalist typography logo.

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            We talk Google Page 1, Mobile Sites and SEO with Chiltern Voice FM (listen again)

            radioDid you catch us on Chiltern Voice 87.9FM on the drive time show? No, well you can listen below and it’s worth your while as we will be giving away a website on Friday to one lucky listener!

            For your chance to win a website package from Cyber Sushi Design (part of WDHW) simply email studio@chilternvoice.fm with the reason  you deserve to win a website. Maybe you are struggling as a sole trader to setup your own site, or you know a local charity that could do with a website makeover. The better the reason, the better your chance of winning! - Please note this competition has now finished.


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              A Guide to Writing Your Web Content – Part Two: Introductions

              Our first guide to writing web content focussed on writing headlines that would grab the attention of your target audience. Here we go beyond the headline and focus on writing an introduction that grips and informs your audience about what they will get from reading on.

              When writing an introduction you are casting a line to hook your audience, to keep them on that page of your website and reel them in, offering the potential of converting them to a customer.  Our key considerations will help you consider the statements you make and how to expand on them to ensure your content gets read.

              Key Considerations When Writing An Intro

              What is an Introduction?

              An introduction typically consists of three things:

              • An introductory sentence that makes a claim or states a point of view
              • An attention grabbing statement
              • Supporting sentences that provide background information to support your claims
              What makes an Introduction interesting?

              There are several ways you can engage readers in order to keep them on your site, below are several suggestions of how to hook your reader and keep them reading.

              •  Offering up an interesting fact that your readers haven’t heard before
              • Creating suspense by starting with a cliff hanger that is bound to keep your audience wanting to know more
              • Making it anecdotal by offering a humorous snippet from your day to day life or poignant element related to your niche market
              • Asking your audience a worthwhile question that they’ll want answers to
              • Being slightly controversial can ensure your audience reads on, if only to argue their point against you
              • Using a poignant quote that applies to your content
              What makes a reader read on?

              Ensuring your introduction flows and maintains momentum.

              That means, keep it simple and easy to read. If those first introductory sentences are packed full of jargon your audience won’t understand, they will leave your site to find what they are looking for elsewhere.

              Your introduction needs to build on the emotion and energy generated by your headline and any sub headlines. Expanding on the dominant message initially outlined will give your audience a feel for what they can expect from reading your article.

              Writing an Introduction:

              You can only write an introduction when you explicitly know and understand the form your article will take.

              That means you can fully summarise the position you have taken in your article. This often only happens once you’ve written the copy – which means, writing an introduction is often best completed once the entire article has been finished!

              Internet Marketing Marlow

              Next time in our ‘A Guide to Writing your Web Content’ series, we will look at making use of sub-headings. Sub headers make content scannable, allowing readers to assess whether reading your article will be beneficial to them. If you’re looking for help with writing or optimising web content get in touch with Web Design High Wycombe on 01494 356 778, we offer various packages from optimising copy for search engines to full SEO copywriting.

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                A Guide to Writing your Web Content – Part One: Headlines

                When writing content for your website it is important to consider what you write and the way you write it in order to optimise text to not only obtain the best possible search engine ranking but to ensure your intended readership actually read it.

                In our new blog series ‘A Guide to Writing your Web Content’ we provide a breakdown of how to optimise different aspects of your web copy in order to help you achieve better search rankings.

                This blog focuses on the considerations you must make when writing headlines for your web pages, blogs and other online content.

                Key Considerations when Writing a Headline:

                Target Audience:

                It’s important to write a headline with your target audience in mind. First and foremost a headline must identify with your intended audience’s interests and needs, sparking a desire to read on. A headline that offers to impart knowledge and educate or entertain can leave readers with a feeling of ‘getting something for nothing’, free advice that can help further their lives or business.


                Through your headline it’s important to make the intention of your content clear and subsequently the objective of your business. Giving your audience an idea of what they should expect to get from reading your copy or engaging with your business upfront will encourage them to continue reading and exploring your site. Search engines will have a better idea of what your copy is all about and this will increase your chances of getting ranked appropriately.


                Avoid including industry specific, technical terms. If a reader is unable to understand what your headline is about it’s unlikely they will continue to read. Keep it simple and remember, ‘write for your readers, optimise for robots.’


                On another note, in order for search engines to rank your article, include keywords relevant to your business. While this might suggest we are contradicting the point made above regarding business jargon, the two actually go hand in hand as your keywords should be words or phrases that your readers are likely to enter into search engines in order to obtain results.

                Internet Marketing High Wycombe

                Next time in our ‘A Guide to Writing your Web Content’ series, we will look at writing an
                introduction that grips the attention of your readers and encourages them to read on, and drives traffic to other areas of your site. For more web design and internet marketing news from Web Design High Wycombe, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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                  Before your Website Goes Live in 2016…

                  If you’re launching a new website this New Year, here are a few checks, we, at Web Design High Wycombe recommend you carry out before your site goes live:

                  1. Review the spelling and grammar of all content across your site.
                  2. Ensure you website is compatible across different browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.)
                  3. Anyone launching a website should be aware of the importance of search engine optimisation; before launch ensure Meta data and descriptions are included for all pages and posts. (However following launch it’s vital you continue to optimise your site to improve your site ranking in search engines).
                  4. Ensure a site map has been created and published for your site.
                  5. Guarantee your site is Google friendly by submitting your website to Google Webmaster Tools.
                  6. Test all outbound and inbound links to ensure there are no page errors or broken links.
                  7. Ensure any relevant legal disclaimers, terms and conditions or policies are available to access.
                  8. Check the details contained on your contact page including email address, telephone number and address. If you have a contact form, check enquiries go to the relevant inbox.
                  9. Ensure links to your social media pages are in place.
                  10. Conduct some user testing to ensure site navigation is user friendly and the speed at which pages load is acceptable. If a page takes longer than 2 seconds to load, improvement is needed.

                  If you’re looking to launch a site in 2016, Web Design High Wycombe are offering a New Year discount of 15% on new site builds booked in before January 31st 2016. Not only do we build your site, we offer peace of mind, ensuring the steps above are completed before your site is launched. To get in touch call us on 01494 356 778 or email info@webdesignhighwycombe.com for more information.

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                    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Web Design High Wycombe

                    Web Design High Wycombe would like to wish our clients, followers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016!

                    We have had an exciting year, meeting lots of new faces and taking on interesting new projects. As the new year approaches and you look to kick start the new year for business success, we, at Web Design High Wycombe, would like to offer you a 15% discount on any website booked in before the end of January (31st January 2016). For more information about this great offer, get in touch with Web Design High Wycombe on 01494 356 778 or by emailing info@webdesignhighwycombe.com. The team will break for the Christmas period from Wednesday 23rd December and return to the office on Tuesday 5th January 2016.

                    At Web Design High Wycombe we offer a friendly, no jargon approach to your web design and internet marketing projects. So if you find yourself requiring one of our many web services in 2016, give us a call and we’ll happily offer expert advice and help kick start your project this new year.

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