Content is King… So keep yours safe

With all the updates to Google recently, and it getting harder and harder for internet marketers (the bad ones anyway) to gain good search rankings for sites one thing is for sure content is still king. This one thing has stayed consistent through out all the Google updates from panda to penguin (honestly those are the real names), Google loves fresh orginal content.

Why do you think we are writing this blog now, yes we love to keep our customers and readers informed but also this fresh content brings us good quality rankings and website traffic.

We stress fresh content in the paragraph above because Google can actually penalise you, for simply copying other sites content. And how do you find out if another site has taken your article, blog or page content? With this helpful free tool here simply put in the page of your own website you want to check and the tool will see if the same content is featured anywhere else on the internet AMAZING!

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