iPad mini to increase mobile visitors to your business website? Are you prepared?

We wrote an article at the beginning of the year about the huge increase in mobile search. This is users looking for websites and businesses on their mobile phones and tablet computers, rather than conventional desktops.

This week will see a huge increase in the previous number of users, as Apple announced their new product the iPad mini. The full sized iPad has already gained 94% of all the tablet traffic on the Internet. The iPad mini will now open up a new customer market as the mini is cheaper and more affordable. This yet again will increase the number of potential customers looking for your product or services using a mobile device. So we will ask the question again DOES YOUR BUSINESS HAVE A MOBILE WEBSITE….?

Because if not you could be losing a lot of new business! For more information or a mobile site quote do not hesitate to contact us or see our mobile website page for more information.