Essential Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

In 2014 it has become essential for your business to get social media savvy; with Facebook proving a powerful tool, through which to extend the reach of your business and increase awareness by building an online network.

Creating a Facebook page gives you the opportunity to understand who you are targeting your business at. Building up fans will give you the opportunity to deliver messages to your audience and also give you a forum to ask questions and listen to the wants, needs and feedback of your followers. Such interaction humanises your business, which gives your business a face, building relationships and gaining trust. A Facebook page will allow you to create an online network; you simply need to encourage activity, by posting relevant links that provide benefits for fans of the page, organise promotions and contests to encourage and engage interest, provide an area for reviews and offer incentives, which will build activity and interest in your services or products.

A Facebook page will help your SEO campaign. From your Facebook page you can add links and direct fans to your website and blog. Also, the information from your Facebook page can be indexed by search engines giving you an extra boost.

Tips for maintaining your Facebook business page:

  • It’s not all about text; creative images and videos will spark interest
  • Keep statuses short and sweet, avoid going on and on or being self-indulgent
  • Ensure the content you post has a purpose (offers advice and provides benefit) to the audience that follow you on Facebook
  • Get involved, tag, like, comment and share content on Facebook, helping get you seen by not only your own followers but their connections and the connections of their connections…
  • Always post links that drive traffic back to your business site
  • Avoid flooding the newsfeed of your followers. Timing is everything, there’s no surer way than posting continuously every half an hour to get your business un-liked
If social media still seems like a minefield to you, contact us today to discuss a social media package that will work for your business.