LinkedIn Protocol

LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals, allowing you to:

  • Build your professional profile and connect with classmates, colleagues and clients
  • Discover jobs, business opportunities, deals and ventures
  • Get the latest news and views, with the opportunity to join in discussions

Using appropriate LinkedIn etiquette you can get connected and move your business or career forward.

LinkedIn is not the same as Facebook or Twitter, it’s business networking via the means of social media. The key is to keep your profile professional and ensure any updates you make are business related or relevant to the subject on which you make comment. Avoid posting comments that have a self-serving nature on group posts where they will appear irrelevant to the audience. Being critical or negative on public posts should also be avoided.


Having a profile photo helps the people you are asking to connect with you, identify who you are. Make sure your image is clear and you look the professional you want to be known as in the business world.

When sending a connection request, personalise rather than sending the default message, make it clear why you want to connect. The same applies when asking for a recommendation, make the request personal and if it’s appropriate or relevant to do so offer to reciprocate with a recommendation in return.

Like any relationship, you should nurture those you have with your connections. Networking is key to building business and you never know when someone you are connected with will be of service or have occasion to be using or recommending your services.

Linked Out

Avoid issuing pointless notifications when editing your profile by switching off notifications when making updates, unless it’s a noteworthy achievement you are keen to be recognised for of course.

Spamming your contacts is clearly a no-no and equally as bad is over posting. Try to keep your updates to a minimum, once a day is optimum.

Keep your contacts’ details private, if you send bulk messages ensure the option that allows recipients to view names and email addresses is unchecked.

Get Linked In

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