Bing It On… Again!

If you’ve been a frequent reader of our blog you’ll remember our original piece on the Bing vs. Google taste test, Bing It On!

Well, we thought we should let you know, it’s back, inviting you to complete 5 searches and decide which of the two sets of search results you prefer. The aim of the game, to clarify which results displayed from these search engines you prefer.

Considering Google are the leading search engine, it’s a clear attempt by Microsoft to convert users to switch to Bing, with the claim that more voters chose Bing results over Google.

Google All the Way!

We gave in a go in the WDHW office with a resounding thumbs down for Bing. Of course, the hardened Google users among us will always be able to spot key Google features.


Why not join the search-off to discover which of these search giants you’ll favour most.