Write for Humans – Optimise for Robots

At Web Design High Wycombe, we bang on about this all the time to our clients and in our blogs – content is key to the success of your website. This is not only because it tells your target audience what your company is all about, it’s also because search engines such as Google and Bing analyse your website content to establish a ranking for your site. That said and as our title suggests, you need to avoid writing in a mechanical way in order to gain rankings; instead write naturally, engage your audience as if you were speaking to prospective clients face-to-face, while ensuring you include key terms related to your business to assist the robots in indexing your site.

The rules of search engine optimisation are ever-changing, businesses can spend thousands of pounds ensuring they are number one, yet often they forget that ranking well is worthless if the content of their website fails to convert visitors into customers. What some businesses fail to realise is that as search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, the landscape of SEO has changed, keywords alone will not get your site ranked, instead it has become about engaging your readership through well written content that is relevant to your business and your target audience.

Search engines will gauge an understanding of your site through the keywords included in your content. However, creating content with keywords as every other word can have a negative impact on where your site is positioned in search engine rankings. That is why, when writing text for your website you must make it relevant to your company, keeping it to the point while ensuring it flows naturally, rousing the interest and tuning into the emotions in your readers. Therefore, write first for your audience and consider focusing on optimisation once you have completed your article.

Keep in mind that search engines adopt a process called Latent Semantic Indexing, which means they can understand words that mean the same as your keywords. Feed the robots by ensuring a smattering of keywords, combined with other words with the same meaning. For example, we write a lot of content for businesses in the motor trade, search engine’s such as Google are sophisticated enough to understand that car, motor or vehicle are related terms, giving you the opportunity to avoid over populating your text with keywords, while being rewarded for doing so.

Writing for your audience is easy; give them something they want, advice, solutions, ideas, encouragement… Imparting knowledge gives readers a feeling that they are getting something for nothing. If they are really interested in what you have to say they will come back for more and as you build that trust it will, in turn, increase the chances that when they require services you provide, it is you they will get in touch with.

If Search Engine Optimisation baffles you and writing isn’t really your thing then Web Design High Wycombe can help… We have monthly SEO packages to suit all budgets that we can also combine with our Copywriting services. For more information or advice on creating brilliant content that converts visitors to customers while ranking well in Google, let’s chat, contact us on 01494 356 778 today.

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