How To… Create the Perfect Google+ Post

These days Social Media platforms are important marketing outlets for small businesses in High Wycombe, throughout the UK and across the world. Posting appropriately across these networks has become a fundamental part of a marketers day-to-day role, yet marketers need to be aware that there are different rules for different forums.

Today, Web Design High Wycombe focuses on Google+, if you haven’t got a company Google+ page sign up here, then follow our tips below to get Google+ savvy:

Timing is everything

The best time to post at status on Google+ is 9-11am, with the worst time being 6pm-8am.


When creating a status be sure to tag people and/or brands. Those people/brands will receive a notification, which in turn could engage them in your post giving you the potential for greater exposure.


Formatting will help highlight important information. Using Google+ you can make text bold by placing an asterisk (*) before and after the relevant text and for italic text place an underscore (_) before and after selected text.


If linking to content adds to the message you are trying to share, Google+ allows you to copy and paste the desired link into your post or use the link icon to add the link.


Adding relevant hashtags before key phrases can also increase the exposure of your Google+ page. For example we would add #webdesignhighwycombe. Google+ will offer its own hashtags as seen relevant to the topic you are discussing.


Be aware of the “hot” topics to ensure your business is visibly keeping up with on trend, relevant events.

A picture paints a thousand words

Using images that 800 x 600 pixels rather than smaller and thumbnail images will guarantee your posts stand out from the page.


If comments are made on your post be sure to engage with commentators. Make relevant comments without dismissing someone else’s point of view.

Join a community

Join communities relevant to your business, join conversations, contribute and be seen to increase to increase your engagement.

And, that’s it for today’s social media master class. Why not follow us on Google+ for more tips and advice on web design and internet marketing? For information of our Web Design High Wycombe social media packages contact us on 01494 356 778.