Getting to Number One in Google

At Web Design High Wycombe, we know how to get to number one in Google. Unfortunately, it isn’t as quick or easy as many people we speak to would like to think. It’s not a case of waving a magic wand, chanting abracadabra and voila there you are, the top result in Google, if only! It’s a far more complex process, requiring patience, persistence and a whole heap of effort.

Getting to number one in Google requires businesses to engage in the process of search engine optimisation (SEO); if we’re completely honest, these days all small businesses should be adopting an SEO campaign if they intend to compete with big businesses.

Content is key!

Keeping the content on your website fresh, current and updated on a regular basis will be rewarded by search engines such as Google. Adding content to your website with relevance to your business and target audience, will give you a greater chance of increasing your ranking in Google. When writing content keep in mind the key words and phrases that your target audience might type into Google to find you, and then include these terms in the content of your site. Don’t overdo it though, it’s vital to ensure your key words and phrases appear naturally in your text otherwise you could be penalised.

Link building!

Increasing online links to your website can also help you increase your position in Google. This means investing some time adding your website to reputable online directories and engaging in discussions / commenting on posts relevant to your industry leaving a link to your website. Google actively analyses the number of links to your site to establish its popularity, therefore the greater number links found will work in your favour to increase your sites position, but it’s vital to ensure these sites are reputable – quality links over quantity will win favour with Google. It’s worth noting that links to well established sites where content is regularly refreshed can be considered of greater quality than newly formed sites.

Get sociable!

Social media sites have made it easier than ever to engage with your target audience and get word of mouth out about your business, promotions and sales. Create a business page and don’t be shy about sharing statuses from your business on your personal page too. The power of your connections with the ability to share such statuses can see business boom overnight.

Pay Per Click!

Of course, you can engage in Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts, which can see you appearing on page one in the adverts section. Using the key words that you think your audience will use when searching for your business, you create an advert, which can then appear next to the search results when someone types in your key words. You incur a cost if and when someone clicks on your advert. It’s worth noting that this form is very competitive and can be quite costly, depending on who your competitors are.

At Web Design High Wycombe, we know how busy you are as business people, SEO is another thing on a long list that sounds great but really, who has time in their day to add it to their schedule. We make SEO for many companies our top priority on a number of different levels. With an array of packages to suit all budgets ranging from organic SEO to PPC, we simply engage with you to understand key aspects of your business and agree key words and phrases, and then you can rest assured that we are doing our best to improve your ranking.

As we said at the beginning, the process does require some patience as it’s rare, if not impossible to see results overnight. We will keep you in the loop with all the progress that gets made but you should of course, soon see the results for yourself, with an increase in visitors to your site, leading to a greater number of enquiries and sales.

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