How to… Create the Perfect Twitter Post

Last month at Web Design High Wycombe we focused on how small businesses could market themselves effectively on Google+ when posting updates. This month we focus on the power of Twitter and how small businesses can make their Tweets count. If you are a small business and you are yet to sign up for a Twitter account then take a look at our tips below and get tweeting:

Timing is everything

The best time to post at status on Twitter is between 1-3pm, with the worst time from 8pm-9am.


Twitter only allows updates of 140 characters or less, which can consist of not only text but also mentions, hashtags, links and images. A countdown tells you how many characters you have left to use. The best tweets offer call to actions that give followers an idea of what you want them to do. Avoid poor spelling, grammar and abbreviations due to the limited number of characters available. We also urge you not to shout, tweets posted in CAPITAL letters are less likely to get the attention they desire.

It’s possible to retweet posts that are interesting or relevant to you that other users have posted, automatically crediting the original source for all your followers to see.

Gain Followers

If your mission is to gather followers, ensure your tweets are interesting and relevant. Following others can also lead to others following you back, with retweeting and mentions also often having the same affect.


Use mentions to address key twitter users and entice them to engage with you. When mentioning someone in a post relevant to them prefix their name with an @, for example @webdesignHW.


Pose questions to your followers and tweet interesting facts to engage your audience to achieve retweets and gain followers.


When adding URL’s to your tweets make sure you shorten these to maximise the characters available to you, links are most likely to generate greater retweets.


Prefixing a word with # makes words or phrases with a hashtag more easily searchable and allows for grouping of similarly tagged posts, with the ability to return all similarly tagged posts when clicked. #Hashtags


Trending topics are the most popular subjects that are being discussed across Twitter. Clicking on a trending topic will produce a list of tweets discussing the subject of interest.

A picture paints a thousand words

Providing images or even video will make your post more engaging to followers.


To check replies to your tweets you can click Tweets & replies. When replying yourself, prefix you response with @ followed by their username, in the same way you would when mentioning someone, then add your response. @webdesignHW here’s our reply

There we have it, another social media master class complete. You can follow Web Design High Wycombe on Twitter for more tips and advice on web design or internet marketing? For information on social media packages from Web Design High Wycombe contact us on 01494 356 778.