Mean Business in 2015: Make a Website your Priority

As a business, before the internet became widely used, it was customary for companies to distribute brochures to potential clients, documenting their credentials and services. Typically, these brochures would be attractively presented and rather costly to produce and ship.

In 2015 we find ourselves engulfed by the internet, which has lead to businesses revising the ways they communicate with their customers and potential partners. Brochures have become outdated, having been replaced by websites, offering information at your fingertips as and when you need it.

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge to utilise 21st century technology, here’s why a website can mean business for you in 2015:

It’s Cheaper

The cost effectiveness of a website is hard to resist. Whereas brochures involve colour printing, stocking up on fancy paper and increasing postage costs, a website involves a one-off fee, and an affordable one at that.

It’s More User-friendly

Brochures were nice. They still are nice. However, there’s nothing quite like the usability of a well made webpage. Being able to direct clients around an online portal ensuring they get the best impression of what it is you do is priceless.

Size Isn’t an Issue

When creating a brochure, a company is limited to a set number of pages and images. With a website, the sky really is the limit. As Beaconsfield based web designers, we create sites for companies starting from one page brochure sites up to as many pages as you require, with the added benefit of being able to add pages on an ad hoc basis.

Websites are Easier to Update

Print is final. Once a brochure has been printed and is ready to go, everything is set in stone and final. Updates to company policy can’t be included, nor can changes in stock, or even contact details. With a website, changes can be made within the hour. If one day you decide you’d prefer to present your company in a different way, a website offers you that flexibility.

You Can Link to Social Media

Like it or loathe it, social media is the “in-thing” in 2015. It also looks likely to continue to be so for the foreseeable future. It’s not impossible to link to your social media accounts using a brochure; it’s just so much more effective when you have a website. A one-click follow is far more likely to happen than getting a customer to type in a full URL link to access your Facebook page.

Making Your Website the Best it Can Be

Once you realise the importance of a website, the obvious challenge becomes ensuring that your website is as attractive, as efficient, and as easy to use as it should be.

As the online face of your business, it’s vital that it portrays an accurate image of your company. It’s surprising just how many businesses choose to embrace the latest technology, only to short change themselves by not using it correctly.

Customers Stay On Your Page for Just Six Seconds

Latest studies reveal that the average user will stay on a poorly designed page for just six seconds. That’s barely enough time to read a phone number. A poorly designed site, complete with an unaesthetic appearance and difficult user-interface is as damaging for sales as closing shop.

While a website doesn’t have to be award winning, it does need to be professional in appearance and up-to-date. Any less and you’re doing yourself a disservice.

 Web Design – A Worthwhile Service

As the importance of having a website in 2015 can’t be overstated, neither can the importance of having it designed to a high-standard. The money a website makes a company is considerably greater than that paid to any web designer.

Our web design company is based near Beaconsfield; a fairly small town compared to the global reach a website can offer you and your business. With our website we have attracted clients from down the road to down under, with the right guidance and support you can do the same.

For all your website needs get in touch with Web Design High Wycombe today for all your website needs. Our team will talk to you in plain English, that’s jargon free, and hold your hand as we embrace your web project together. Contact 01494 356 778 for a free, no obligation quote and we’ll help show you mean business in 2015.