Who you Gonna Call? Codebusters!

At Web Design High Wycombe, we’re not only here for the big jobs. We pride ourselves on our response time to new clients that could be in technical difficulty. An example of this was a call last week from CS Corporate Chauffeurs, their website had suddenly stopped sending emails to them from both their contact and booking forms!

They had lost touch with the web designer that originally built the site and even though we didn’t build their website or even host it, we were happy to help and investigate what the issue was. Within an hour they were back up and running with emails sending again from all their website forms.

It’s a horrible feeling when something is broken with your website, especially when you could be losing business because of it. So, please remember we are always here happy to help out with smaller web related issues not only the new website builds.

If you need to get in touch with a technical issue, give us a call on 01494 356 778.