Ways to Promote your Website

If you’ve recently launched an all singing all dancing website, avoid resting on your laurels in the hope that your website will do all the work for you. Small businesses need to invest significant time into marketing their websites to ensure that, not only do people find your site, but to guarantee return on investment. There’s an array of options you can utilise to market your website online, some of these are time intensive, others require you to invest money to reap the benefits. The list below provides an overview of the choices open to you.

Article Directories

Posting articles in directories, such as www.businessonlinetoday.co.uk, containing a link to your site can generate traffic, back links and promote your website.

Banner Advertising

Banner adverts are embedded into other websites with the intention of attracting traffic to your website via the banner ad. You only have a small space in which to create an alluring advert that visitors to a site will click to reach yours.


Writing a blog offering free, informative content that can help your target audience can boost traffic to your site and make you stand out from your competitors. Adding a fresh content to your website in the form of a blog can also work hand in hand with an SEO campaign.

Business Directories

Upload a business profile to business directories, such as www.freeindex.co.uk, gain traffic and get back links to your site.


People love the idea of winning prizes or getting something for nothing. The aim of a contest is to get as many people to enter as possible and getting your name out there to be remembered. Promotion is required across multiple forums to widely engage with your target audience in order to encourage participation.


Becoming an active member of a business relevant forum, such as www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk, can gain you followers, who will be directed back to your website. Ensure your posts are valid contributions to conversations rather than spamming the community with details of your business, simply including a link to your site in your signature should be sufficient for the people you have engaged to check you out.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

By placing paid adverts on search engines, such as Google, these are guaranteed to display prominently in the top three results or in the right hand column to ensure visibility and gain traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

By optimising web pages, blogs and articles targeting your target market, you can ensure you rank highly for your key words and phrases in search engines such as Google to gain traffic to your website.

Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide the opportunity to engage a wide audience in a short space of time. Publish and share content that engages your target audience and directs them to your website for more information.


With YouTube holding the position of the 2nd favourite search engine, sharing video has become extremely popular. By creating a video you have better chance of going viral and can get a message across regarding your business and what you do quicker than if someone were to read the text displayed on your website.

If you are looking for expert advice or for help with your marketing plan, Web Design High Wycombe offer a range of marketing packages that will boost your sites potential. For more information on how to promote your website get in touch with us on 01494 356 778.