Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Vs Pay Per Click (PPC)

Understanding SEO

SEO is the practice of optimising your website to ensure it features more prominently in natural search engine results to reach your intended audience. With SEO there’s no hard and fast rule of how to rank at the top, the process is slow and requires commitment to obtain the desired results.

The factors that contribute to the success of your SEO campaign include:

  • Keywords – the words and phrases that your target audience are likely to use to search for the services you offer
  • Content – informative, educational content relevant to your target audience, that is regularly refreshed and/or added to
  • Build quality – the architecture of your website from page load time, page titles and descriptions, linking structure, mobile friendliness and so on
  • Links – gaining links to your site from external sources such as from social media, other relevant websites and directories

Understanding PPC

Traditionally, PPC involves placing paid adverts on search engines that incur a cost to the advertiser when the ad link is clicked. The effects of PPC ads are immediate with ads appearing above natural results obtained through the process of SEO.

The factors that contribute to the success of your PPC campaign include:

  • Keywords –  as with SEO the keywords you choose should be those your intended audience will use to search for your services
  • Budget – the more you can invest in your PPC campaign the greater the chance of increased traffic
  • Advert content – search engines will assess your advert against your competitors when deciding where to situate ads in the paid sections of a results page


Both methods have their merits with many claiming those using search engines will click the top result without regard for whether it’s a natural or paid for result; while others claim that those searching for services will trust natural results more than results that have been paid for.

If you are looking for wide spanning, fast results PPC is your best choice however the process can prove expensive, especially when you are competing with the big boys from multi-nationals. SEO while time intensive is cost effective and you reap the rewards of what you put in, with SEO being more successful and offering long term value. PPC’s true value comes when a new company is trying to get their name recognised or a company launches a new product or promotion.

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