Before your Website Goes Live in 2016…

If you’re launching a new website this New Year, here are a few checks, we, at Web Design High Wycombe recommend you carry out before your site goes live:

  1. Review the spelling and grammar of all content across your site.
  2. Ensure you website is compatible across different browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.)
  3. Anyone launching a website should be aware of the importance of search engine optimisation; before launch ensure Meta data and descriptions are included for all pages and posts. (However following launch it’s vital you continue to optimise your site to improve your site ranking in search engines).
  4. Ensure a site map has been created and published for your site.
  5. Guarantee your site is Google friendly by submitting your website to Google Webmaster Tools.
  6. Test all outbound and inbound links to ensure there are no page errors or broken links.
  7. Ensure any relevant legal disclaimers, terms and conditions or policies are available to access.
  8. Check the details contained on your contact page including email address, telephone number and address. If you have a contact form, check enquiries go to the relevant inbox.
  9. Ensure links to your social media pages are in place.
  10. Conduct some user testing to ensure site navigation is user friendly and the speed at which pages load is acceptable. If a page takes longer than 2 seconds to load, improvement is needed.

If you’re looking to launch a site in 2016, Web Design High Wycombe are offering a New Year discount of 15% on new site builds booked in before January 31st 2016. Not only do we build your site, we offer peace of mind, ensuring the steps above are completed before your site is launched. To get in touch call us on 01494 356 778 or email for more information.