Did John Lewis Just Lose the Viral Marketing Battle to Iceland?

Social networks are alive with the buzz of new Christmas TV adverts this week, but has the biggest player in the Christmas advert game just lost out to an advert that won’t even be seen on UK television?

We are of course talking about the John Lewis and Iceland ads, Iceland earlier this week “leaked” across the internet their advert that was banned to be shown on UK television networks. It later emerged that the video was not actually made by them and it was a previously banned advert made by Greenpeace. We are all for the message it promotes but it did leave a sour taste in our mouth that they were trying to gain PR for a viral video they didn’t actually produce. Before this was publicly known the internet went mad for this ad including us! So it got millions of shares from day one!

So an advert that was never shown on TV suddenly got the backing of the web on a major scale, our timelines were flooded with it. Now let us fast forward to today (15th of November) and the Christmas advert that everyone usually waits to drop, the John Lewis ad airs for the first time. Tumbleweed…. the internet overall is not impressed. Featuring Elton John the ad just feels a bit like an extended promotion for his own tour and upcoming movie.

It has a pleasant ending and the sentiment is there but we weren’t gripped and enjoying almost every frame of the ad as in previous years. And do John Lewis even sell pianos? Has the run of touching and heartwarming JL ads come to an end? Are they are running out of ideas? Let us know your thoughts across our social media channels.