Free Web Hosting with Web Design High Wycombe

Looking for a shiny new website? Need someone to host your site? Do you qualify for our FREE hosting for a year promotion? Interested? Read on…

This week we were surprised when a new client informed us of how much they were paying for their existing web hosting. It spurred us on to write this blog because firstly at Web Design High Wycombe, we offer a year’s free web hosting when you choose to launch your new website with us. We will provide a quote for the design and development of your website and for 365 days we will host it for free. After the first year you are free to move your site to an alternative hosting arrangement or can continue with the existing hosting package that will suit your requirements.

Secondly, if you aren’t in need of a new site but are unhappy with your current arrangements we can also transfer your site to our hosting, we offer competitive packages suited to your needs.


The world of web hosting can prove to be minefield for the non-tech savvy. Basically, every website needs web hosting, which essentially involves making your site accessible to the world, including your target audience, via the World Wide Web. There are many companies out there that offer web hosting and offer different rates to do so. We undertake this task on your behalf to ensure the requirements of your site and your business are met. Unfortunately no one can guarantee there will never be any downtime or security breaches, but to date, our experience in dealing with hosting has seen that these issues are minimal and quickly resolved. In the event of an issue with web hosting the team at Web Design High Wycombe can be contacted 7 days a week all year round, with the exception of major bank holidays.


If you would like to discuss your web hosting requirements and/or the building of a new website we can find the best web hosting deal for you (Free with a new website built by Web Design High Wycombe*). Contact the team at Web Design High Wycombe on 01494 356 778 for all your web hosting needs.