Is It Time to Upgrade your Website?

Updating your website can have a huge impact on your business, which is why you should regularly assess whether your business site is still delivering against its’ objectives.

Here at Web Design High Wycombe, we have recently given our site a refresh, as we had been so busy delivering fabulous sites to our clients that we neglected to practice what we preach with our own precious site. Here we are now, proud of the end result and ready to let you know when you should get your site updated.

Website Check Points:

  1. When you start directing potential customers to your Facebook page or Google reviews rather than give out your website URL. Being embarrassed of your company website signifies it’s time to build a new site that you can be proud of as the representative face of your business.
  2. If you have had the same site for 5 years or more. Five years is a great indicator that your website probably needs a refresh. Web design is a fast moving industry, with new techniques and developments constantly happening.
  3. When the design of your site is no longer en trend. As mentioned above web design trends change rapidly and users quickly adapt to these innovations and have a level of expectation when visiting sites across the web. Moving with the times and ensuring your site has a modern design will keep up its appeal.
  4. If your website isn’t mobile friendly. Statistics show that more and more people are accessing websites at their convenience, via smart phones and tablets. If your website is not mobile friendly aka responsive your potential clients are likely to find another that is.
  5. If your target audience have a poor user experience when visiting your site they will head elsewhere. Simple navigation and concise call to actions are vital for an engaging user experience when visiting a site.
  6. If you’re struggling to find your site in Google and other search engines your traffic will be suffering due to insufficient search engine optimisation (SEO) of your site. Ensuring your website is relevant to your niche/audience by uploading fresh content and optimising based on the key phrases relevant to your business will help promote your site in search engines and boost your ranking, enabling potential customers to find you with ease.
  7. When your competitors all have newer sites than you. This can affect the traffic to your site and the eventual conversion rate to customer. If a company isn’t willing to invest time and money in their number one marketing tool then it’s less likely to attract potential customers being dazzled by the competition.

Website redesign help in High Wycombe

Check out this useful article that also gives yet more warning signs you need to redesign your website from Hubspot.

If you’re reading this and realising you need to do something about updating your website, be aware that a refresh or rebuild need not cost a fortune. Depending on the performance and appearance of your site it might simply require a few tweaks here and there. If you would like an overhaul of your entire site however, we, at Web Design High Wycombe can also offer the complete package from design and development to logo design and SEO, so why not get in touch today on 01494 356 778.