Are Keywords Still Important for SEO in 2019?

Here at Web Design High Wycombe, we know that a successful SEO campaign used to rely on keywords; ranking high in Google meant littering content with keywords in abundance, often out of context. Nowadays this is not the case and ‘keyword-stuffers’ will find they are often penalised by Google for attempting to manipulate Google by loading web content with key words and phrases.

The reason behind this is due to the overuse of keywords and phrases creating a negative experience for the user reading such content. We have always preferred the more natural approach to content and currently Google promotes the use of fresh content that reads naturally, content that is relevant to the audience and content that educates or entertains.

So what is important to Google?

Content needs to read naturally. It needs to be relevant to the target audience and the industry within which your website resides. There needs to be fresh content added to your site regularly.  There are many factors that your site is reliant on to rank higher Google, some of the additional measures include:

  • The number of site visits
  • The length of time a reader spends on the site
  • Bounce rate – the number of visitors that exit your site after viewing only one page
  • Back links – the number of incoming links to your website
  • Length of content

Keywords do still have an important part to play in the SEO process but in the right context. As long as they are included within ‘information-rich content’ then Google is better able to rank based on relevance of content to the audience.

While many articles still utilise the old way of stuffing keywords into content in the hope of ranking for the words they associate with their website, the move to penalise this is seeing quality, rich content starting to shine through.

At Web Design High Wycombe, we have always aimed to educate our readers and clients on best practice methods in order to enhance their rankings and guide them to success. For more information about SEO packages get in touch on 01494 356778.