Get More Sales and Enquiries Because of SNOW (works for any industry)

When the UK ground to a halt last week because of the snow we realised that it left a lot of people unable to carry out their day to day jobs. We are lucky to be in an industry where it did not affect us half as bad as most but it got us thinking about how SNOW can be turned to your advantage if you get stuck at home as a business owner. So when we said SNOW we meant it as an acronym…

S is for Sales and Marketing

If you have time to take a step back from the day to day running of your business, take a long, hard look at how you are currently marketing your business on and offline?

Are there processes in place to really gauge if you are getting a return on the time and money you are investing in your marketing efforts? A simple example, you’re running a paid ad in a printed magazine but you only mention your main website address (the homepage) how do you know that you’re getting any new website traffic for this expensive offline advert?

Yes, you can see overall traffic to the homepage but this could also be from your online internet marketing! The simple answer is to build a landing page purely for this magazine advert and promote a simple offer they can only get from visiting this page. This way you can accurately measure the website enquiries that came from the paid offline magazine advertising.

N is for Niche

When it comes to ranking your website in Google everyone usually goes for the obvious keywords within an industry but what if you could find niche keywords that you ranked highly for.

These keywords and phrases may get less traffic overall but maybe easier to get to the top of page 1 in Google results, if done correctly you could get the same amount of enquiries from a number of niche phrases with less time, money and effort! Not sure how to find niche phrases to rank for? Speak to us about our keyword research services.

O is for Operations

If you have tweaked your online and offline marketing strategy during this cold wintry spell when you might not have been able to do your daily business tasks, however you might not have thought about the deeper day to day processes? What can you be doing smarter to make use of your resources and time? What if you could cut the time even half of your tasks took?

Be strict with yourself and the results will speak for themselves.

W is for Web Design

Web design has come a loooooong way in the last few years. Why not use this time if stuck at home to take a look at your online competition. With so many online trends and improvements it’s important to make sure your website and SEO is ticking all the boxes Google is looking for in 2019. Making sure your site is responsive and deliverying your user the best possible experience is always going to improve your enquiry conversion rate.

Hopefully if you are stuck in today you found this article useful? If so please share it with others…