Enhance your Business on Social Media

When we think about social media most of us conjure up negative notions involving privacy intrusion, fake news, over sharing, encouraging voyeuristic tendencies… and so the list goes on. The truth is that there are many positives to the role social media plays in the world today, especially for businesses, from start ups to the major players. If you are a small business owner nervous of social media, we are here to encourage you to take those first steps to getting your brand recognised in the ‘social media’ world.

  1. Find the Platforms that are right for your Business

There are a multitude of social networks that all have a unique offering. Not every person or business will get on with them all nor have the time to manage their time efficiently across them all. You need to understand what platforms are on offer to you that will not only boost the profile of your business but allow you to connect with your target audience.

For example:

LinkedIn is the ideal space for networking.

Twitter offers conversation and is optimal for sharing business insights related your niche.

Facebook allows a more personal interaction with your target audience. You can share and engage with those that will purchase your products or services.

Instagram provides a visually rich arena through which businesses can engage their audience through imagery.

  1. Be consistent

Social media allows you to advertise your brand through the videos, images and content you share. Devise a style guide to ensure you remain true to your brand. Ensure that every time you post it’s published in this standardised way.

  1. Share Regularly

Posting frequently will allow you create engagement opportunities with your audience. Ensure your posts are grammatically correct, coherent and polished.

  1. Don’t mix Business with Pleasure

Keep your personal social media accounts separate to your business accounts. This will avoid clouding the message you are trying to get across from your brand. Of course, if you are attempting to sell a lifestyle choice, differentiating between the two might not be as necessary.

  1. Connect

Social media allows you to connect with influencers from your industry, through commenting and liking posts online. You can tag them in posts relating to their work and even reach out through direct messages.

Social Media Marketing High Wycombe

These options to enhance your business are open to you across social media platforms, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Social media really can have a positive impact on your business when you engage with it effectively. Once you get started you will see the opportunities that social media can create by engaging with customers, understanding competition and identifying yourself to influencers.

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