Web Design: First Impressions Count

The saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but in the highly competitive world of innovative website design everyone is guilty of judging before we compare and comparing before we buy. So, not only do you need a stand-out-from-the-crowd website to sell your services and/or products, you need to observe your competitors sites and then enlist a web designer. We at Web Design High Wycombe can help you become the number one choice of your target audience.

Web Design High Wycombe

Web Design High Wycombe are here with 21 considerations you should take on board when launching a website to ensure the first impression is always right.

Website Checklist:

    1. Always launch a unique, custom designed website. It will perform better than those available from businesses offering template websites.
    2. Ensure your homepage is well thought through. Go for a minimal design, with clear, relevant information displayed on a simple background.
    3. Your homepage should illustrate your unique selling point, highlight your logo, your services and ethos.
    4. Headers should include illustrations, 360° videos, gifs and animations.
    5. Offer consistency of style throughout your website.
    6. Opt for a responsive design that allows your website to display correctly across varying screen sizes (e.g. phone, tablet, desktop) from which it will be browsed.
    7. Use scalable vector images when opting for a responsive design.
    8. Your company logo should appear on each page of your website.
    9. Opt for a modular layout to ensure content is accessible and impacts on visitors.
    10. Avoid using pop-ups as they hamper a user’s experience.
    11. Be sure there are no spelling and grammar issues throughout your sight.
    12. Likewise ensure there are no spacing and alignment problems.
    13. Keep an eye on the speed at which your site loads. A slow loading website will not only see users click away, but your search engine rankings can also be affected.
    14. Choose relevant keywords to include in your content to ensure the correct traffic visits your site. But, be warned, do not overload and dilute the message you are trying to get across, search engines will penalise you for this.
    15. Don’t include auto-play media within your site.
    16. If you advertise on your website, keep advertisements separate to the main content.
    17. Make sure there are no technical issues including 404 errors or broken image links.
    18. Before your site goes live carry out testing. Cross browser testing.
    19. Avoid using stock images. Replace these with authentic images that signify what your business is about; that create identity.
    20. Consider colour psychology to establish and strengthen the required user experience.
    21. Check contact forms, registration forms etc work before you launch.

Web Designers in High Wycombe

This advice based on our experience as a web design business, there are of course considerations you will need to make dependent on your industry. Before enlisting a web designer it’s worth being aware of these so you can provide relevant information upfront, rather than down the line once work commences.

At Web Design High Wycombe, we are experienced web designers in High Wycombe, capable of guiding our customers through the web design process from start to finish.  Get in touch on 01494 356 778 if you are looking to commission a new website, we’ll be happy to discuss and get your project up and running.