Are you Socialising your Business?

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing High WycombeSocial media has become the glue that creates and keeps communities together. And while we don’t refer to communities in the traditional sense, social media has the power to unite people and connect them with others in the same boat. Be it a long standing group of friends, to random groups of people such as those spurring each other on through a fitness journey, or mums and dads supporting each other in navigating parenthood or those connecting and sharing experiences of a specific hobby or pastime!

Internet Marketing High Wycombe

It’s not only personal interests that thrive on social media platforms though. Businesses can boom through the connections that can be made across social networks. Social media is an excellent form of internet marketing to obtain traffic to your business website and convert browsers into customers.

As a society, we are hooked on social media, whether we like to admit it or not. We nose through Facebook updates, tweet on the latest news, post selfies to Instagram, scroll Pinterest for inspiration, airing our views on the lives of our friends, Joe Bloggs, the rich and famous, conveniently on-the-go from our smart devices. Which is why as a small/medium/large business there is a significant need to maximise the potential reach of social media to benefit business.

Create a Business Facebook page

Love it or hate it there’s a special place for your business on Facebook. Here you can reach and grow your target audience. Connect through discussion and by answering questions. Educate and entertain through great content. Share events, host competitions… the remit is endless.

Create a Facebook page for your business. Join niche groups. Share content that will promote your products or services, generate traffic and grow your credibility.

Utilise Twitter

With a Twitter account you can also provide a link to your website in your profile in order to gain traffic. Tweets with Hashtags relevant to your business can generate conversation and interest in the products/services you offer.

Get LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to sell your skills, the services/products your business offers and direct traffic to your website. Use the keywords related to your niche to ensure you appear in relevant searches.

Launch Your Business on Instagram & Pinterest For Visual Content

Instagram centres around images… beautiful, eye-catching imagery has the power to catch the attention of your audience and generate business.

Pinterest allows you to share your content freely across its platform. But, again, to stand out from the crowd content needs to be original and attention grabbing.

Sharing is Caring

Add Share buttons to your website and let your audience promote your business for you. Ask your audience to share blog posts they have found useful, or posts made across social media platforms. This will help spread your message and generate further business.

Social Media Optimisation

Social Media has the power to influence. Allows businesses to connect with their target audience. Unites people. Divides opinion. But ultimately it is everywhere and almost everyone is interacting with social media in some way these days. So, it’s time your business got on board with this internet marketing strategy and started spreading your message to boost business.

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