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Happy New YearAnd just like that Christmas is over… Happy New Year from all of us at Web Design High Wycombe – available for all your professional website design High Wycombe needs! We hope you’re starting 2020 full of good intentions and great ideas of how to build your business.

If you’re aiming to establish an online presence for your business you’ve come to the right place. With over 20 years’ experience creating websites we understand what businesses want and need from a website. We know that these days it’s relatively simple and affordable to create your own website using DIY platforms. It’s important to be aware that these platforms have limitations.

There are reasons these DIY sites are affordable. We have been involved in helping businesses salvage their reputation after trying to save time and money with a DIY template. The reality is, that all depends on your skill set and your personal expectations for your business.

Professional Website Design High Wycombe

Before you invest your time and money creating a DIY website you should know:professional web design high wycombe


…there’s only so much you can customise a ready-made template. We’ll be honest, one size doesn’t fit all. Your business is unique, so why would you attempt to squeeze your square peg into a round hole?


…that if you’re creating a website using a DIY template without technical know-how, the functionality available could be limited. These limitations could end up making your site seem limited and lifeless – not a great representation for any business trying to spread their wings and fly.


…that worse still, many of these online web builders disregard the need for sites to be optimisable. A must-have in order to flourish in search engine rankings… We’ll be honest with you, if your site doesn’t rank you might as well pack up and go home now!

Website Design High Wycombe

Having a professional design your website is worth the investment and then some.

All businesses need a professional website. In an era where the high street is in decline, unique little shops selling bespoke products need to make themselves available to a wider audience. In a world where everyone is creating a blog, isn’t the idea to stand out from the crowd? For start-ups trying to save money at a time of vast expenditure, you need to consider a website as a significant part of your marketing plan. A website will gain you customers almost effortlessly from the off if created and optimised effectively.

A website is the window into your business – a well-designed website can build a brand that entices people in to peruse what you have to offer. A professional web designer will engage with you to establish your businesses unique selling point (USP), and showcase your products or services to attract your target audience. With a well-designed logo, consistent page layout and branding, a web developer can design an environment that makes the end user feel at home, have belief and trust in you, your concept, your business. And we forgot to mention that a professional will help you perform in search engines through search engine optimisation (SEO), making you visible to your target audience.

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