What is Voice Search SEO?

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voice searchA voice search uses the spoken word instead of typed words to discover information from search engines.

Voice Search SEO

Traditionally typed searches have taken the form of keywords relevant to an industry. For example, Web Designer High Wycombe. A voice search uses language more naturally. E.g. “Find me a web designer based in High Wycombe.” The search engine then responds to the request with relevant answers.

Voice searches are set to become increasingly popular in 2020 and beyond. This is due to the convenience and speed of voice searches, especially when on-the-go with mobile technology.

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Voice Search, however, is set to change the dynamic of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Businesses need to revise the content contained within their websites. Offering answers to popular questions frequently asked by their target audiences.

Historically content has been optimised and filled with search terms potential customers will search by. As voice searches take on a more human form by means of asking questions, key terms become longer, requiring short, to-the-point answers.

In 2020, it will definitely be a time of investing in quality, concise content. Within this content simple answers to any questions that are frequently asked of your business must be answered. One way of addressing voice search SEO in the short term is to create a FAQ page. Such pages can detail answers to the popular questions that are asked of businesses offering your services. Attempting to keep responses under 30 words.

For those of you familiar with the changing face of Google – Featured Snippets and People Often Ask questions are being returned more frequently when conducting searches. Aiming to have your content feature as a Featured Snippet is the way forward if your content is to be seen.

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