Business in Lockdown: Time for Focus on Small Business Internet Marketing

Business in Lockdown

Business in LockdownIf you’re a small business that must cease to work in these unprecedented times, we’re here to inform you there’s plenty you can be doing. As the COVID-19 virus spreads and threatens our lives and livelihoods, take time for small business internet marketing to ensure you hit the ground running once the country is up and running again.

Sadly we can’t help with the financial burdens this crisis is causing in the interim. But we do have some tips to support your small business if you can hang on in there until this is over.

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  1. Download our Free SEO eBook

This is a difficult time for everyone. But small businesses up and down the country are struggling to carry on as social Free SEO eBookdistancing measures are implemented and we are instructed to ‘Stay home’.

Web Design High Wycombe have written THIS free SEO eBook, “7 Steps to Improve your Website Traffic and Enquiries During the Coronavirus Lockdown”. The purpose, to help small businesses, the self-employed and freelancers to boost their internet marketing efforts. We hope this will help to place them in good stead when ‘business as normal’ resumes.

Following these simple pointers can see businesses:

    • increase the visibility of their business online
    • improve search engine rankings
    • increase traffic
    • enhance their proposition
    • focus on identifying their target audience

There’s no need for an extravagant marketing budget, our guide is free and these tips are easy to follow. If you find this guide useful, why not share with others across social media or via email.

  1. Consider if your Business can Provide Services the Public Need

Across all forms of media, services have been popping up or businesses have been adapting their services to help and support their communities. They are doing this without flouting the Government rules.

Consider whether there’s a goodwill gesture your business can offer, or a delivery or support service your business can provide, online tutorials/advice etc.

In these uncertain times it’s important to stay busy. So whether your business has had to shut up shop all together or can still operate, there might be something that your business can offer that the community around you are crying out for.

  1. Catch up with Admin

All businesses have got things that need to be done but that get put to the bottom of the pile. Filing, ensuring accounts are all up to date, reviewing suppliers, considering promotions, planning for the months ahead etc.

And let’s be honest, there are things that can be done around the home too. From decorating and DIY, gardening and home and car maintenance, to sitting back and watching a film, reading a good book or allowing the creative juices to flow.

  1. Update your Website – Content is Key!

Small Business Internet MarketingIn our experience businesses often struggle to review the content within their websites during usual working hours, let alone have a chance to update it. As we are all faced with an abundance of time now, there’s no excuse!

If it has been a while since the content of your website was reviewed perhaps it’s time to take a look at rewriting it. This can help ensure your business is being positioned in the best possible way and targeted at the relevant audience.

  1. Stay safe, Stay home

While this is a scary time for all of us, we are all in this together. There’s no doubt we will feel the effects of lockdown in many areas of our lives for the months ahead. In moments of down time, it’s easy for small business internet marketing to be carried out from the comfort of your sofa.

We sincerely hope your business can survive during this time of lockdown. And have a chance to thrive when the world pulls through this. But more importantly we hope you and your family stay healthy and remain unscathed as COVID-19 threatens to spread over the course of the coming weeks.

Small Business Internet Marketing, Buckinghamshire

Web Design High Wycombe based in Buckinghamshire remain open as normal. We are operating from our homes, continuing with our existing commitments, taking on new requests and available for web and internet marketing support should you need it. We are currently offering a 20% discount across all of our services for any new enquiries during this unsettled period.

If you require our services get in touch with us at Web Design High Wycombe on 01494 356 778. And don’t forget, download our Free SEO eBook and stay productive while you stay safe at home.