Online Marketing for Businesses in Lockdown & Beyond

Online Marketing for Business in Lockdown & Beyond

Covid-19 LockdownThe world as we know it has changed. Lockdown has us limited to where we can go, who we can see and what we can do. Presently we are all trying to work out how to cope with this new normal. The truth is, as we write this, and as you’re reading this, we are all in an advantageous position. We are healthy and able to consider how we work through the COVID-19 crisis. From all of us at Web Design High Wycombe, based in Buckinghamshire, we truly hope that you have managed to stay safe and sane. And that despite lockdown and the restrictions on our freedom, that Coronavirus hasn’t physically effected your life, livelihood or family and friends.

COVID-19 Lockdown

While this week the Government issued the message to return to work, we know that the world out there is a scary prospect. People are ill, the virus spreads at a fast rate and the effect of this on businesses, the economy, incomes will be long lasting.

At Web Design High Wycombe, we are all still working from home. Yes it’s tough, there are children who can’t be silenced, home-schooling to battle through, a general need to escape the four walls keeping us safe and a need for daily inspiration to keep our minds healthy. But we have been in the fortunate position to have clients who have been in touch to modify their websites, to operate their businesses in slightly different ways in order to help their business and others get through lockdown. We have also had clients thinking beyond lockdown to ensure they hit the ground running when normality resumes.

Lets focus on the one thing that has remained constant throughout this period of uncertainty (aside from the grim news of COVID-19 deaths that we’re faced with every day), which is our reliance as a society on the internet. Specifically, but not limited to, internet shopping. And it has worked in everyone’s favour – for the consumer and for businesses. Be it supermarkets or little high street shops, farms, bars and restaurants, community services and so on.

Internet Marketing

Businesses have had eCommerce sites integrated into their websites. Adapting their more traditional offerings to allow access to fundamental services within communities. Local to us, there are a team of people utilising Facebook to offer services such as collecting prescriptions and acquiring supplies for the vulnerable. Community sites are in place to allow local high street shops to acquire internet orders. Doctors surgeries are urging everyone to place requests for repeat prescriptions through their online portals which are then directed to the local pharmacy for collection. And various therapies are being carried out via video call or web chat.

Families are staying in touch using WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom to communicate, hold quizzes, and to ensure their children socialise. While schools post lesson plans and school work on school websites, YouTube etc. And these are only a few examples of popular ways to use the internet in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

So, where would we be without the web? Bored. Without food. Missing family and friends more than we already are. Unable to homeschool our children. Not able to obtain medical supplies. Insufficient means to protect the vulnerable. For some sadly, video calls have been the only way families have had the chance to say goodbye to loved ones…

Web Design High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

While many of us may not be happy living in a virtual world and would welcome the opportunity to get out to buy supplies, see doctors, go to school and have physical contact with family and friends, the internet has become a fundamental support mechanism amidst these difficult times. And if your business is struggling to function in the present climate you should get in touch with the team at Web Design High Wycombe for input on how you could market your business to succeed throughout and beyond lockdown.

You can get in touch with the team at Web Design High Wycombe, based in Buckinghamshire on 01494 356 778. We look forward to hearing from you. Stay Safe!