Cyber Security Awareness Month

cyber security awareness month

website securityIt’s October, which means it is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Subsequently Web Design High Wycombe wanted to share some tips to support you with your website security. As a result we hope these tips will help keep your website, login details and personal information safe and secure.

Website Security

As a website owner your priority is ensuring your website is protected. Without a doubt here’s some things you should be aware of:

1. Protect your Website’s Login Details

Your login details need serious thought. Because poor login credentials are often the reason sites are compromised. Therefore, to avoid unauthorised access you must:

  • firstly change the admin user of your site
  • secondly generate a strong password (this should be a minimum of 10 characters and contain a mixture of lower case, upper case, number and symbol characters)
  • thirdly change passwords regularly (monthly or quarterly is recommended)
  • additionally enable two factor authentication (2FA)

2. Only Authorise Necessary User Privileges

To provide everyone who works for you with unlimited access to your site is a mistake. Clearly, to limit risk it’s better to only allocate the relevant access a user needs to do their job. Because by granting unlimited access to all users there’s more chance of your site sustaining an attack.

3. Enable Traffic Encryption

Hackers use processes that allow them to steal user credentials for malicious use across your site or for fraudulent data misuse. In order to avoid such scenarios there needs to be encryption between the browser and the server. Undoubtedly to implement this you need to add an SSL certificate.

An SSL certificate makes data transfers secure; it guarantees that the personal details of your customers are protected and helps web users see your site as trustworthy.

4. Automate Backups of your Site

By backing up your website you can resolve a range of potential issues faster. Importantly, you can protect your business from the problem of broken pages and a hacked website by scheduling regular backups to avoid any future issues.

5. Secure eCommerce Sites

If your website takes online payments, it’s necessary for the security of checkout processes to have AVS (Address Verification System) and CVV (Credit Card Verification Value) in place. As a result of ensuring your eCommerce site has these fields you will prevent fraudulent payments, which could result in a loss of revenue for your business

6. Update Plugins

Always ensure the latest version of plugins and any other tools that support your website are installed. And check for updates regularly to prevent vulnerabilities occurring, which could leave your site open to cyber-attacks.

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So, if you don’t have any of these implemented, now is a great time to ensure the security of your website.

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