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Logo Design Buckinghamshire

Here at Web Design High Wycombe, we have seen an influx of requests for new websites and logo design since the pandemic began and the message from the Government has been to work from home. And why? Because there has been a significant increase in the number of small businesses setting up shop from their own homes.

You’ve probably seen some of these start-ups marketing themselves, across social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, or Etsy and Ebay. Many involving foods or crafts. These range from jewellery making, framed prints or works of art, to sewing face masks and making candles.

Logo Design Buckinghamshire

If you’re considering creating a logo for a new venture look no further. It’s not a job to be rushed. A logo design is worth the investment to make your business look attractive to online consumers. Remember your logo design will appear on all company marketing collateral. This can include invoices, the front of your shop interface, brochures, business cards, email signatures and so on.

A logo shapes the the identity of your business, and a professionally designed logo will help attract your target audience. As logo designers we can help you consider colours, fonts, images, size and positioning to attract your intended audience.

Small Businesses Buckinghamshire

An expertly designed logo will help your small, work from home business look professional and competent. What’s the point in having wonderfully designed products if a badly designed logo puts off potential customers.

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Web Design High Wycombe, based in Buckinghamshire are here to help if you’re looking to create the perfect logo design for you work from home business that you’re launching in lockdown. Contact us on 01494 356 778 for more information about what we can offer you.