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Cyber attacks

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, WordPress security company Wordfence has warned website owners to be vigilant against potential cyber-attacks.  Here, we are sharing their tips to help prevent your website from becoming a victim of any security threats.

Website Security

Website security doesn’t usually fall under SEO guidelines. But, if your website suffers a cyber-attack, this could have a disastrous effect on your search visibility.

Wordfence Security Recommendations

Cyber-attacks have become common practice in modern times. However, such occurrences usually target government and central infrastructure websites. Since relations with Russia have soured dramatically, it’s suspected the threat to cyber security could extend to commercial sites.

The founder of WordPress security plug-in Wordfence has acknowledged there’s not yet been an increase in cyber-attacks. But advise that if you own a website you enter a higher state of vigilance. Wordfence also offers the following recommendations to protect websites against attacks:

  • Understand the risks of social engineering attacks and of being phished.
  • Enable two-factor authentication across important user accounts.
  • Developers distributing plug-ins or software to customers must realise they could become a target for a supply chain attack. Ensure your code repositories and deployment systems are secure. An attacker might use you to distribute malicious code to your clients.
  • Monitor the security logs of all systems within your control.
  • Use configuration management to establish which files should and shouldn’t be part of your critical infrastructure. It should be a red flag if you spot files not created by you or your team.
  • Stay aware of financial activity within your organisation, and look out for any financial fraud attempts.
  • Systems containing sensitive PII (personally identifiable information) need to be locked down.
  • Stay alert for anything that “seems weird”. Advise your team to speak up if they notice anything strange. In the best-case scenario, you’ll have an interesting discussion, at the worst, it could be that an attack is underway.

Consider Increasing Your Security

Websites can frequently suffer a variety of attacks. But given recent developments in Ukraine, the possibility of cyber-attacks has significantly increased. And anyone with a WordPress website should consider adding a security plugin like Wordfence to safeguard their business and website.

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