31st October 2012

iPad mini to increase mobile visitors to your business website? Are you prepared?

We wrote an article at the beginning of the year about the huge increase in mobile search. This is users looking for websites and businesses on […]
26th September 2012

5 free Business app you need on your new iPhone 5

Finally the iPhone 5 has been released, so what are the free must have apps you need to be installing to run your business and social […]
24th September 2012

Bing it On – Google vs Bing taste test

If you were a child of the 90s you’ll be sure to remember the Coke vs Pepsi taste text. 2012 brings a new take on this […]
17th September 2012

It’s always nice to get a testimonial…

We are always grateful for nice testimonials from our clients, but a big thank you to the illustrator Richard Ollive for this original one in the […]
24th August 2012

Content is King… So keep yours safe

With all the updates to Google recently, and it getting harder and harder for internet marketers (the bad ones anyway) to gain good search rankings for […]
9th August 2012

Google’s Clever Invisible Internet Marketing

We all love Google (well most of us) and its last couple of Olympic game doodles have made us love them even more. They have been […]
19th July 2012

Internet Marketing Tips: 10 Classic SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Here at Web Design High Wycombe (Cyber Sushi Design) we understand that not all our clients can afford to have monthly SEO internet marketing. So here […]
7th July 2012

Now the most followed Twitter account in High Wycombe

A huge thank you to all our followers UK & worldwide, with over 3600 Twitter followers we are now the most followed Twitter account in the […]