28th June 2012

Googles releases 10 minute SEO guide for new businesses

Google have just released this great 10min guide for new businesses to help them with their internet marketing, so we thought we would share it with […]
20th June 2012

When in Rome… Blog!

Boost your internet marketing while travelling No one knows more than us that holiday time should holiday time. But have you ever thought what you could […]
16th June 2012

Our New 30 Second Promo Video Hits YouTube

With video becoming more and more important for online marketing and the Google search result benefits it can bring, we have finally got time to create […]
29th May 2012

Less Than 10% Of Websites are Mobile Ready in 2012

So are you? We can’t begin to stress just how important the mobile web is here at WDHW. But maybe some of the stats below will […]
14th April 2012

10 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Followers

1. Let people know you have a Twitter feed If you have a Facebook page or website then go ahead and link to your Twitter account […]
19th March 2012

6 top tips on creating captivating text for your site

Maybe the last thing you will think about when designing your new website is the font and format of the text on your site, but it […]
9th March 2012

Free Ebook: How to Use Pinterest for Business

Here at WDHW we love to give something back to our readers, and as its a Friday we are all in a good mood. So though […]
21st February 2012

Internet Marketing Explained Lesson #1

What is the difference between a HTML Sitemap and a XML Sitemap? This is a common question we get asked here at Web Design High Wycombe […]