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28th November 2014

How to… Create the Perfect Twitter Post

Last month at Web Design High Wycombe we focused on how small businesses could market themselves effectively on Google+ when posting updates. This month we focus […]
31st October 2014

How To… Create the Perfect Google+ Post

These days Social Media platforms are important marketing outlets for small businesses in High Wycombe, throughout the UK and across the world. Posting appropriately across these […]
3rd February 2014

Understanding the Power of a Business Website

The reason so many businesses put so much emphasis on building their website, is because these businesses understand the power of the internet and how building […]
29th January 2014

Essential Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

In 2014 it has become essential for your business to get social media savvy; with Facebook proving a powerful tool, through which to extend the reach […]
15th April 2013

Tweet with Lego

Build your own Lego Twitter Bird in store for free in May As part of Lego’s monthly mini model builds, Lego are inviting children from 6 […]
17th September 2012

It’s always nice to get a testimonial…

We are always grateful for nice testimonials from our clients, but a big thank you to the illustrator Richard Ollive for this original one in the […]
9th August 2012

Google’s Clever Invisible Internet Marketing

We all love Google (well most of us) and its last couple of Olympic game doodles have made us love them even more. They have been […]