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9th February 2021
Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day: Keeping Kids Safe Online

Today is Safer Internet Day! At a time when children are forced to learn from home due to the latest COVID-19 Lockdown, learning how to be […]
11th July 2017

Dream of a Private Ad-Free Mobile Web Browser? Well Mozilla Made One…

Are you sick of ads popping up all over the internet when you’re on your phone or tablet? Well so are Mozilla that’s why they made the new […]
21st September 2016

This app lets you text without Wi-Fi or a data plan anywhere even on a plane!

Forget expensive roaming charges, dodgy wifi at coffee shops to message your friends for free. FireChat is the perfect travel app, allowing users to send and […]
11th August 2014

Recommended website: Checkdog

The most amazing website spell checking tool on the planet… that’s what the homepage said and we have to admit it’s a pretty great checking tool! […]